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Among all the great photographers we are following on our multiple social network accounts, for our first photography inspiration post,  it was  important for us to start by presenting a  photographer who greatly showcases the beauty of Montreal, the city where we are established.

Before all the good things you probably heard about Montreal, it’s pretty sure that the unbelievable  cold temperature during winter was the first thing that was mentioned to you.

We can’t deny the cold, but Montreal’s winter also has its little charm. Phillipe Jong is one of our city’s brave photographers who endures the cold and uses his talent to demonstrate how beautiful our city can be during winter. We’ve selected our favorite from his website, and we highly suggest you to have a look of his page  for more photography inspiration.


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tumblr_myh9a6u9t41t9txdmo1_1280 tumblr_myug2yoDi81t9txdmo1_1280


Source: Phillipe Jong

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