Men’s style inspiration | Givenchy 2015 S/S Tuxedo collection

The renowned fashion label Givenchy has unveiled  the second line of their S/S 2015 tuxedo collection through a  monochrome lookbook which showcased perfectly how classy and stylish a man in a perfect tuxedo can look.

There is nothing more stylish than a man in a perfect tuxedo. It can be hard to find the perfect one, since there is a lot more good tuxedo’s designers  out here, but since our focus is not on labels but more on style, the only advice we have for you when it comes to choose a tuxedo, it’s to make sure it will fit you perfectly, and always remember ” Less is more “,  a perfectly fit tuxedo will do the job for you, you don’t need to add  that much, or you might ruin everything.

This second release of Givenchy collection, showcased perfectly our point of view on the subject. Enjoy !


GIVENCHY-tuxedo-capsule-collection_FY1 GIVENCHY-tuxedo-capsule-collection_FY2 GIVENCHY-tuxedo-capsule-collection_FY3



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