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Last week, as we were scrolling down Hypebeast’s blog feed, we found out about the talented photographer, Neave Bozorgi. As he described himself on his website, Neave has been a photographer since late 2011, a designer since early 2009, and since mid 1985, he describes himself as a Nutella enthusiast. ( Nutella is life!!! The moment we read this, we knew the boy was real.)

So basically, Neave  started to take pictures  approximately  4 years ago, but the results look like he’s been doing this his whole life. We knew about him from his Friday series named ” Rendez-vous ”  which is featured on the online magazine, The Hundreds.

Besides the beauty of each shot he takes, we were also amazed by the simplicity of his photographic approach. We feel like he really understands what photography is about, and he doesn’t try to make it harder than what it is. He knows how to take advantage of natural light, and how to create beautiful contrasts with it. Also, every  model he shoots look so cozy, comfortable and seems to be in a perfect harmony with their surroundings.

In order to know a little bit more about his magic, we’ve decided to follow him on snapchat (@sirneave) , and we didn’t regret at all. The guy looks so cool and his photoshoots look like chilling time  more than anything else.

You can have a glimpse of his work below, but we highly suggest you to take a look at his Friday series on the online web magazine theHundreds, It is simply gorgeous !!!!

thehundreds-rendezvous-gabriella-ny-19 thehundreds-rendezvous-gabriella-ny-9 thehundreds-rendezvous-gabriella-ny-2 thehundreds-rendezvous-caroline-23 thehundreds-rendezvous-caroline-3 Thehundreds-rendezvous-anna-7-of-22 Thehundreds-rendezvous-anna-1-of-22




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