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With the explosion of the filter trend, and the low prices of decent cameras, it’s easier now to create beautiful images and call ourselves photographers. However,  when you come across a website like Romain’s, you understand that photography is a little bit more than good cameras, good perspectives, lights, and filters; it  makes you reconsider  calling yourself photographer.

Romain is a french photographer  who recently moved to Montreal, we m randomly through Facebook  as we were scrolling down our feed. Besides all the beautiful compositions, the monochrome approach, and the partial blurry filter that a couple of his portraits have, we were mostly amazed by his ability to capture not just the face of the person, but also a particular feeling which we think can be considered as his signature. The kind of feeling which makes you forget that sometimes the model is partially naked.

It’s always inspiring to analyse another photographer’s work, especially when they’ve  just moved in your city. It’s inspiring to see how they showcase our city with their foreign approach.

You can have a glimpse of Romain’s work after the jump, we highly suggest that you head to his website to see more.





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