The designer Lisa Gorman  from the Australian fashion label Gorman, and the Sweden visual artist and photographer Jörgen Axelvall, were meant to achieve some cool things together since the first time they met. Indeed, they met on a dance floor,  in 1996, in New York City-  What a cool way to meet somebody. After that, they moved in different directions; in 1999, Lisa Gorman moved back to her country and started her brand Gorman, in her new boutique in Fitzroy, Melbourne,with a collection named”Less than 12 degrees“, while Jörgen moved to Japan.

For this Autumn 2015 collection, life brought them back together as  they unveiled the “Moth and Moon” collection. They merged their strengths to create a powerful collection which  embody very well the Gorman, eccentric and  colourful aesthetic. The  lookbook was shot by Jörgen  in Hayama, Japan.

Here are our favourites looks after the jump.



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