Men’s style inspiration | Munsoo Kwon Fall/Winter 2015

Couple months after releasing his 2015 fall/winter  lookbook,   the Korean designer Munsoo Know showcased the same collection during last Seoul fashion week. With this collection named  “Can’t sleep Count Sheep”, the designer took a shot to everybody who have trouble falling a sleep. Indeed, insomnia was the main inspiration of the collection, everything about this collection was also aiming to recreate the same bed comfort we never want to leave every morning. Here our best looks of the collection after the jump.

Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy22 Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy20 Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy17 Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy16 Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy14 Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy11 Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy9 Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy8 Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy6 Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy4 Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy3 Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy2 Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy1Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy1 Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy2 Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy3 Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy4 Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy6 Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy8 Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy9 Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy11 Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy14 Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy16 Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy17 Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy20 Munsoo-Kwon-FW15_SFW_fy22

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