Men’s style inspiration | South African Menswear fashion week F/W 2015

This past february, the beautiful city of Cape town in South-Africa was hosting the first South African Menswear Fashion Week. With the predominance of womenswear’s market in this country, the launched of this fashion week was definitely opening a new era in the south african fashion industry. During three days of runway shows,  over 25  most exiting and mostly well known south african menswear designers had the opportunity to showcase their F/W 2015 goodies to an intimate and receptive audience. Indeed, for the first edition, the show had a limited seating available for the public. The event is plan to be  biannual event and aim to provide a better visibility to the South african Menswear Gurus.This post will bring you behind the scene of the show and will portrayed you well the diversity and the creativity of these designers. Let’s enjoy our best behind the scene moments after the jump.

South-African-Menswear-Week-FW15-Backstage_fy2 South-African-Menswear-Week-FW15-Backstage_fy3 South-African-Menswear-Week-FW15-Backstage_fy9 South-African-Menswear-Week-FW15-Backstage_fy11 South-African-Menswear-Week-FW15-Backstage_fy13 South-African-Menswear-Week-FW15-Backstage_fy14 South-African-Menswear-Week-FW15-Backstage_fy16 South-African-Menswear-Week-FW15-Backstage_fy17 South-African-Menswear-Week-FW15-Backstage_fy19 South-African-Menswear-Week-FW15-Backstage_fy24


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