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For this week photography inspiration post, we introduce you to Justin Chung, a talented New york based photographer.  Justin is originally from San Fransico, as it mentioned on his website, he began pursuing a carrer in photography while finishing his studies in public health.

we’ve known about Justin work through his editorial titled Leon capsule, for the brand Aimé Leon Dore -I’ve been carrying one of leon capsule cliche as a wallpaper for 3 months now.

We like the simplicity and natural approach of his work. The low contrast, the attention to details,  and the spontaneous feelings  most of his models propagate, emphasize perfectly his natural approach of photography. Indeed, as it mentioned in his website, Justin photography approach remains natural and honest as possible, and his main focus it’s to capture  a moment.

Here a little selection of our best shots from Justin after the jump.

For the people who wants to know more about his work, we highly suggest you to pass by his website by clicking here. 


tumblr_nj29unksww1qfn79co1_1280 tumblr_njbi0dn9mD1qfn79co2_1280 tumblr_njbi0dn9mD1qfn79co4_1280


( my wallpaper )





tumblr_nkajbyNbVf1qfn79co2_1280 tumblr_nlq04wPuEi1qfn79co1_1280




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