Blogger inspiration | Claire Liu from Von Vogue

1)Who is Claire Liu ? / instagram

Claire Liu is a 26-year-old Engineer in Vancouver, BC. I’m probably a shy person when people meet me the first time, but I become talkative when you get to know me more (ask my best friends!). I like hiking and hanging out with my cat and dogs over the weekends. Froyo and gelato are my favorite things – they cheer me up when I feel down.


2)Since when have you started  blogging ? and what makes you start it  ?
I started fashion blogging since September, 2013. I originally wanted to see what I can achieve with my website, and it turns out to be a great adventure for me. I got to work with some amazing designer/brands that I truly love and get inspired.
3)How would you describe your personal style ? 
Minimalism, timeless, basic
4)What is your fashion style inspiration(s) ? 
I get inspirations from fashion magazine (or online source) and online fashionistas.
5)How could you describe your city street style ? 
Vancouver is a place where you can see a lot of different styles in different areas. If you go to main street, you will see a lot of casual hip style (something like jeans and plaid shirts). In downtown area, you will see more preppy and sophiscated styles.  
6)What’s your best place to shop in your city ? 
I’m an online shopping enthusiast so I usually shop often online. But I still go to H&M and ZARA to find great pieces. The Bay in Downtown location is my favourite place for shopping as well (sometimes you might get a good deal when they have sale event).
7)From all cities you’ve visited and  according to your sense of style, which one has the best Streetstyle ? why  ?
I wouldn’t say best, but I do love the Southern California style. Love the laid-back aesthetic to keep everything look natural and casual.
8)How Claire Liu’s ” perfect” outfit looks like ?
To be honest, you’ll probably see me in jeans and shirt most of the time (because of my work). So a pair of skinny jeans (knee-ripped ones are perfect) and striped bottom down shirt would be my perfect ensemble.<br />&nbsp;
von-vogue-mint-crop-top-open-back-2 von-vogue-road-trip-dress-1

9)What will be your summer trends ? 

Something like culottes/wide-leg trousers and midi skirts – they are must-haves for this summer.

10)Do you have any essentials style tips that you want to share to our readers ?

You should feel confident, know your body shape and what styles suit you the most and have some courage to try new things! If you don’t feel confident and comfortable in the way you dress, then you shouldn’t be wearing that.


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