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Who is Jerome Centeno ?

My name is Jerome Centeno, 24 years old, originally from the Philippines but currently living in Milan Italy. I work as a Visual Merchandiser at Zara in Men’s department and a part of that I love contemporary art, music, photography, dogs, eating, sleeping, doing nothing, drunk myself with coffee , buying shits i don’t need (haha), style and fashion.


Since when have you started blogging  ? and what makes you start it ?

I started blogging almost 6 years ago when I was still studying at secondary school, everything was just for fun. I posted my everyday outfits on, then I started to created my own website (blog) like anybody else. It’s my own friends and the growing people that follows me on lookbook that push me out this blogging. 

How could you describe you personal style ? 

So far my style is Minimal Chic, Casual, Elegant and Modern Tailored.

What is your style inspirations ? 

My Style inspirations are random things, I grab my inspirations almost in everything I see. It can be people on the streets, a great view from a top of a high place, a mood, a song I listen to all the time, a blog that inspires me, an art that I saw in a exhibit, a food i ate yesterday(almost forget it) …it can be everything!

IMG_9843 IMG_9924


How could you describe your city street style ? 

Milan street style is very Trendy, people here very updated among trends and what will be the next must have! But still it depends on what area of Milan  you are going to observed in this aspect. There still streets of Milan where people are well dressed with their vintage Garments. But in general Milan Street style is stylish.

How did you start photography ?

I started Photography thanks many blogs among the people who do, I envied their beautiful shots with their professional cameras, so then I did the same thing and pick up lots of inspiration to many blogs like thesartorialist, streetfsn and jack & jil.

Is there any particular photographer who inspired you ?

I used to follow a lot of shots of Scott Schuman, but now I prefer do it my own way and just grab inspiration from blogs and magazines.

IMG_0753 IMG_9985

How Jerome’s ” perfect” outfit looks like ?

A perfect outfit for me must be timeless, versatile and fresh. For example, a blue navy Blazer, a pretty neat white shirt, a very well ironed chinos and a simple white sneakers. Of course we can add a a pop of color or print by adding a pocket square on the blazer! 

Casual, simple and Elegant…you can go anywhere and never go wrong with this outfit!

What will be your summer trends ? 

High waisted Pants, plain coloured or striped t-shirt and pair of leather Sandals. Boring right?! Less is more…forever

Do you have any essentials style tips that you want to  share to our readers ?

Well, I just want to share to the readers out there that “WEAR ALL THE SHIT YOU WANT” don’t care what would people say, keep your style statement in your mind. Be influence by everything that surrounds you because it’s the world that inspires, not the people itself but the things you see. I did wear fashionable garments before, i used to try many styles to find my own. It’s normal and a passage that many people are crossing to find theirs…it’s only the time that can tell what you’re going to be and what style to apply. My Style essential is to keep trying and trying…style is like our life, we keep trying and trying everyday to have a better tomorrow. And when you find it, it will be a good LIFE STYLE.



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