Men’s style inspiration | Uru Fall/winter 2015

As we slowly but surely having summer temperatures, the Tokyo-based fashion labels Uru has us thinking  about the colder season. Indeed, with their new fall/ winter 2015 collection entitled ” Sahou”, the japanese label remind us how comfy and versatile we can look during the colder season. The outfits remain very simple and clean ( as we love !! ), and emphasize perfectly on what remains important in order to create a dope look, which is  the understanding of body proportions and the mastering of colours arrangement. Enjoy our best looks after the jump, n the meantime, we invite you  to take a look on  their website to know a little bit more about them.



URU-Fall-2015-02-557x840 URU-Fall-2015-04-557x840 URU-Fall-2015-05-557x840 URU-Fall-2015-06-557x840 URU-Fall-2015-07-557x840 URU-Fall-2015-08-557x840 URU-Fall-2015-09-557x840 URU-Fall-2015-10-557x840 URU-Fall-2015-12-557x840 URU-Fall-2015-14-557x840 URU-Fall-2015-16-557x840 URU-Fall-2015-17-557x840 URU-Fall-2015-18-557x840



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