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As we are constantly digging for more and more inspiration, there are a couple of names and staple shots that we always come across. The late Helmut Newton is one those photographers who impacted the game enough to still run our social media feed with so-called “old work”.  If you are a Tumblr / Pinterest addict, we are pretty sure that you’ve already came across one of his works or you probably have one of his shots on your background without even knowing it’s him. Anyways, this post won’t be a typical biography about his accomplishments, but more of a focus on what we admire the most about his photography.

Indeed, as we went through his photos,  we loved the way he portrays women in his works; independent, free, sensual with a masculine touch. Women who share a sense of fearlessness, as if the world is in her hands. Despite all the photography techniques, that he mastered, the important thing we’ve noticed was his ability to share these feelings over and over again, regardless of the models he was shooting. That is what, in our opinion, distinguishes a good photographer from a great one.

Here are a couple of his shots that emphasize our thoughts about his style and we will also give you a glimpse of his previous work – for those who didn’t know about him.

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