The Journey #1 | Satouni


So for my first  post on the Journey series, i’m presenting to you previous work that I did with a friend of mine ( well, a friend of a friend, so I can call her my friend right ?! ). The photoshoot randomly happened ; basically, my friend told me about her friend who wanted a professional photoshoot for her personal interest , and he thought about me. My first reaction was  “MAN !!! Who told this guy I was a  professional photographer ?!”  Nonetheless,  I took the challenge and started to pretend that I was one, indeed.

I asked him to tell her friend to contact me ( like a true professional ), which she did very fast ( i didn’t even have the time to youtube how to  to be   a professional photographer) . she called me, we talked about the Photoshoot,  without really knowing what we were talking about, but we came to the conclusion that it had to be a studio shoot ( i’ve never used  flash studio  before ! or if i did somebody did the set up for me ) and  i told her that i  would need more information about the photoshoot outcomes. I suggested her that she should  make a moodboard,so i could have a better vision of  what she wanted.

The moodboard was ready the next hour, she provided me with more details and told me that she had  contacted a incredibly talented professional make up artist (s/0 to Dibawssette ) . At that moment,  I felt like everybody was professional in this project except for me.

Anyways, two days before the shoot, I started to prepare myself and started to research everything and anything that I felt could be necessary for this shoot. I ended up knowing a little bit more about what I needed to do, without really knowing how to do these things; I basically ended up with more questions than answers.

The photoshoot was a Saturday morning around 9 am ,  I was  hungover from the night before, but I managed to be professional enough and woke up on time  like a soldier. I got to the studio with my friend at 9, the model had just started to put her make up on, so it gave me  time to fix the lights and learn a little bit about how it works.

I had two flash studios. My only purpose for this photoshoot was to make them work, and place them like I saw on youtube, which was the basic studio set up named “flat lights”.

Anyways to cut it short, ( I didn’t want to make it that long ! but… ), the photoshoot went well, but since she had no experience in  modeling – so as me in directing models, I had a hard time directing her and capturing what I truly find beautiful on her. I feel like I didn’t squeeze the orange hard enough, and could have had better shots of her. But anyways it came out pretty well right ?

So here is the outcome after the jump, feel free to leave me some feedback in the comment section ( I would love to read them! ) or if you have any questions, suggestions  and much more do not hesitate to post them .


Things that i’ve learned : 

– How to pretend to be a professional photographer

– How flash in a flash studio functions 

– Studio set up —> Flat light


Things I have to work on : 

– Photoshoot preparation 

– Directing a model

– Studio set up. 

– Enhance my skin editing technique ( I will talk about editing process in my later posts ! )


IMG_0012 IMG_0033 IMG_0075 IMG_0146 IMG_0395 IMG_03512 IMGh_0158


Photographer : Christian Atanga 

Make up artist : Dibawssette  

Model : Satouni

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