Event Recap | Black Fashion Week day 2

With an incredible line-up of innovative and avant-garde designers, Black Fashion Week Montreal has once again come to a fulfilling conclusion. The event showcased designs from: Ralph Leroy, Martial Tapolo, Adama Paris, Helmer Joseph, Sachika, Indra Libong, and many more. From an all-white collection designed by Ralph Leroy to Haute Couture designs by Martial Tapolo, these designers are nowhere near skimping on showing us their extensive knowledge and talent through fashionable and well structured pieces. Seeing all of those likeminded persons of colour Saturday night, passionate and in-tune, gave me hope for a part of the fashion industry that is underrated not only in Montreal, but around the world. There isn’t enough exposure and that can be discouraging when there’s a lack of representation. So, I tip my hat (or give a ‘fro pat) to all who’ve participated in stringing together and promoting the hard work, creativity and meticulousness of those who deserve all of the praise. Head to our Facebook page for more pictures


Ralph Leroy 


Sweet secret 




Adama Paris


Martial Tapolo

Photo credit :  Christian Atanga 

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