Journey #2 | Awa if you are reading this we made it !

It’s been a year (probably a bit more !!) that i’ve known Awa, and since i’ve  met her, i’ve always wanted to shoot her and she’s always wanted me to shoot her, but for some reason (no reasons to be honest !)  it took us a year to make it happen. But anyways, AWA IF YOU’RE READING THIS WE MADE IT!!!

It took us a year to make it happen, but it’s funny how randomly it actually happened. I woke up a sunday morning, took a look outside, it was beautiful, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, it was a perfect day for a shoot. I grabbed my phone, texted Awa  “Yo !! down for a shoot !!!!”  she answered within a minute  “yup what time?  where ?”  It was 1pm at that time, so i told her  “5 pm at place Jacques quartier“, and then she started  threatening me !! “Christian if you’re late i will kill you and blah blah blah blah…. ” . One good thing to know about Awa, she’s always on time, and she hates waiting for anybody even if it’s for one minute, and unfortunately good attendance is not my forte.  But anyways AWA IF YOU ARE READING THIS WE MADE IT !!!

After all the threats, I sent her a quick moodboard, so she would be able to  visualize  what type of outfit I wanted her to wear. My main focus was more on the proportion of her outfit rather than the type of clothes . I wanted her to wear something skinny on her feet so I could showcase  her long legs (this girl is so tall !) and something loose on top, so I would be able to work on how to direct models to create something cool out of the clothes they are wearing.

I came around 5:15 pm , of course Awa was already here. She was already mad at me, but the minute I pulled out the camera, she forgot about my lateness and started asking  me tons of questions about the photoshoot and was telling me how dope this photoshoot will be.

I was very surprised how easy it was to shoot her, she really understood how to move in front of a camera. And the fact that we were friends helped a lot and immediately put us in a comfort zone, so it was easy to build  that important model- photographer chemistry.

Overall, the photoshoot went well, we didn’t have that much time – I don’t remember why but we were in a hurry, but we managed to create something cool out of it. I learned a lot from shooting a certified model- check her profile here . The vibe was different than my previous shoots, she understood everything I was asking her to do perfectly, and she was creative enough to add her own little touch to it.

I’m also getting more comfortable when it comes to find location and creating a “beautiful” frame out of it.

I still have to work on being more comfortable on directing  models; actually it’s not even just directing  models, it’s more about creating a peaceful atmosphere for the model to be comfortable.

And when I was editing these pictures, I figured out that my focus was kind of weak. With the camera that i was using  (Canon 6D, S/O to my friend MACKY, IF YOU ARE READING THIS WE MADE IT TOO), there was no reason for me to have a bad focus – except for bad skills .

It also took me couple weeks to edit it – procastination at its best, and at this point of the text, you can guess that  Awa was,once again, a little bit mad at me, but anyways…, AWA IF YOU ARE READING THIS WE MADE IT.

So here is my second post of the journey series,  Make sure to leave me your feedbacks, comments, and tell me which pictures you liked the most.






IMG_2055mmmm IMG_2026mm IMG_2032nnn

IMG_2098mmm IMG_2110mmm IMG_2135 IMG_2172mmm IMG_2227


Model : Awa 

Photographer : Christian



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