Journey #3 | Danaelle

I did this photoshoot couple months ago, it took me forever to finish it. I was so exited by this shoot that  i’ve started the editing right after we’ve finished the shoot , then in between the editing process, project after project came up and made me  put aside Danaelle photoshoot for a while. After i’ve finished with all the lucrative projects, i came back to finish the editing of this one, but i’ve figured out that i was not in the same mood as when i started it, so i had to restart the entire editing process. (  Note to myself : Edit One project at the time, or try  to don’t spend to much time in between the editing process of two projects. )

For this photoshoot, i wasn’t worried to much  about directing the model, since i’ve already seen  Danaelle previous pictures and known her for couple years now, she’s definitely not a shy person in front of a camera and she understand perfectly how to move, she was also creative enough to come up with different kind of posture which was matching the vibe of the shoot.

My main focus was on figure out how to manage to capture good lights, make sure my focus was always on point  ( i failed couple times on this one ), and come up with beautiful set up.

Overall, the shoot went well even if we didn’t have that much time, we came a little bit late ( Don’t judged me !!! i was on time, we struggled to find  parking)  at our Breather location ( Very cool spots for shooting #btw ). We had around 45 minutes for the shoot, and if we are  not considering the time we spent to built the chemistry, we actually had 30 minutes for this shoot. But anyways it was  a good one.

The main issue that i’ve encountered in this shoot was during the editing process, i’ve founded a bit hard to harmonize all the pictures  especially the coloured ones. I’ve founded a descent white balance pretty much hard to find ( Note to myself : Built a step by step  editing process that i will follow for all my work )

So here the third project of my Journey series , Hope you’ve liked it and stay tuned for more

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Peace ! IMG_1527 IMG_1547_1 IMG_1568 IMG_1576 IMG_1638 IMG_1653

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