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One of the most interesting aspect about the internet and the social network area is the ability to be freely  inspired by people all over the world. Couple months ago, as we were scrolling feed, we came across the honolulu based photographerMark Kushimi series, entitled ” Forever Drowing “. Mark is a photographer, editor, designer, and the co-founder of Hawaii-based arts, music, and culture magazine  Contrast. 

There was something special about ” Forever Drowing “pictures that we’ve liked, but we were not able to put a word on it, until we fully explore Mark’s world.

As we were being introduced by his work, we came to the conclusion that not just” Forever Drowing “pictures had  something special  but his whole photography work was unique. Indeed, he mastered the skills of creating beautiful compositions which contain multiple key elements – which is not easy to create at all. He also has this ability not just to emphasize on  models, but also on every little things that surrounded them, it almost feels like if we moving one little thing out of the composition, it will end up screwed up the whole picture itself . His pictures have also  this  personal approach, that only him can fully connect with,  and  tell you the full story  about them.

His filters remains simple and the colours well coordinate. We enjoyed his pictures a lot, and hope that you will to. Head to his personal website to know a little more about this talented man.


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