Blogger Inspiration | Nikki Shaw from Fashionable Passion

1) Tell us a bit about yourself ?
I’m a student studying psychology with a huge passion for fashion. I run a daily fashion blog at
nikki shaw 1
2) What made you want to pursue blogging?
I started blogging a few years ago because I absolutely adored reading all my favourite fashion blogs, and I loved the idea of starting a fashion ‘diary’ for my self.
3) What inspires you to style yourself the way you do?
I’m inspired by a lot of things, I love reading blogs, magazines and I get inspiration from my mother too- she’s an amazing dresser!
4) What should others focus on when styling themselves?
I think you shouldn’t be afraid to wear the things you love, if you feel comfortable and like a certain style then wear it- but always be true to yourself.
nikki shaw 3
5) What are the 3 things you could never live without?
I couldn’t live without boyfriend jeans, my handbags and mascara!
6) What are your favourite places to shop at?
I love Zara, Witchery, Country Road and a local store called Mr.Price.
7) What are your favourite trends this season?
I’m obsessed with suede, so I love the infamous button down suede skirt that so many fashion bloggers have worn. I also love the androgynous look, so boyfriend jeans and brogues will always remain at the top of my list.
nikki shaw 2
8) What destinations do you recommend as fashion hot spots?
I recently visited Paris, and I fell in love with the fashion- there’s definitely more freedom to be yourself in the way you dress over there.
9) Do you plan on using your success from blogging to pursue a career in the fashion industry?
I hope so! One day I’d love to further my career in fashion.
nikki shaw 4
10) What do you want the readers to take away from your blog?
I want readers to be confident in their own personal style, and not to be swayed by trends all the time. I’d also love for them to maybe take some inspiration from my own style in some form, hehe 🙂

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