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It has been more than a year now that the Adidas Stan smith sneakers are trending, and it seems like people aren’t ready to get rid of this craze. Indeed, beside their unanimous comfort, Stan Smith are definitely one of these sneakers you won’t feel guilty to say that you’re owning three identical pairs.

Their minimalistic design approach and their conventional shape helped to easily place them as the go-to shoe for most people who own them.  As we have  constantly seen them in a street, it could easily hurt egos and make their owners feel unoriginal when they rock them.

It can be true for many pieces, but for the Stan Smith, it’s only about how you rock it.  The shoe it self won’t make a big difference on your outfit, it will only be an exclamation point, and  will add their casual and comfy vibe on it.

Here couple inspiring outfits we’ve found pretty cool on the web, they are perfectly showing how versatile theses shoes are.

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