Day-today #1 | Ivan from Finezza – Au nom de l’homme

As Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOM) quickly approaches, our team had the privilege to chat with the man behind the uprising brand, Finezza – Au nom de l’Homme, Ivan.

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The Montreal/Paris bound tailored men’s fashion brand bases its essence on meticulousness, originality and sincerity. From jackets and trousers, to all accessories essential to complete a look, all confections are handmade right here in their Montreal workshop. Paying close attention to all aspects, such as colors, textures, fabric and fit, it can take as long as a month and a half in order to create the perfect custom ensemble.“Craftsmanship is art”, says Ivan, as his team and he emphasize on what goes well beyond the tangible costumes they put together. Indeed, the process of their work simply feeds off their main goal which is to “bring it back to the source; the simple joy of dressing up out of self-respect; which automatically creates an infatuation from the person in front of you, leading to a beautiful domino effect.”


Being a proud father and husband himself, Ivan recognizes the common lack of time consecrated to being in style that the everyday man lives. “The man is built with similarities to a clock; each thing has its own time”. It was in 2007 when he integrated the world of men’s fashion, that he noticed a “lack of personalization, of precise and expert service towards the man.” Hence the initial conception of the brand targets the idea of offering that complement quality and security missing in men’s fashion. As we’re in a time where tailors are becoming rare, Finezza wishes to continue to promote this career path and ensure the proper transmission of its knowledge.

Ivan gets continuous outside influences by the constant activity in the most simplest of things. « I observe almost every man I meet in order to imagine how they feel in relation to what they wear, his demeanor, the weather etc. everything is a source of inspiration.” However, his family is definitely his main source of inspiration; « my wife, our children, and I are definitely welded and it is imperative to live in a continual osmosis. . Emilie my wife is a real motor for me. She inspires me, if we have the pleasure to get up on the right foot and begin each day together; it will affect all our other professional activities.”

Be on the lookout for Finezza – Au nom de l’Homme during this year’s edition of TOM, months of preparation have been offered in order to ensure an amazing show on this platform. For more information about the company check out their website. For more information and tickets for Toronto Men’s Fashion week  (

Credit photo : Finezza- Au nom de l’Homme 


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