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Originally from Australia,where he studied both film and photography, and currently based in New-York , Lachlan Bailey is a well-known fashion and portrait photographer. We’ve been following Lachlan work for a couple of years now ( He has been everywhere , it was hard to miss him )and it is inspiring to see how steady his photography approach has remained. Indeed, his work, which mostly is inspired by great filmmakers, captures great drama and storytelling.

He has this ability to capture these subtle and intimate moments where models are effortlessly at their best. His editing remains very simple and clean, which helped to keep the viewer  focus on what remained important on the picture.

It was very hard to make a selection of our best shots from him, so let’s say, here couple pictures we’ve liked from Lachlan and head to his personal website to know more about him.


Anna Selezneva by lachlan Bailey lachlan bailey
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Photo Credit : Lachlan Bailey 

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