1) Tell us a bit about yourself and your background
My name’s Liza LaBoheme and I’m currently living in Nuremberg, Germany where I grew up. After graduating with a B.Sc. in psychology in 2013 I lived in beautiful New Zealand for a while. At the moment I’m back in Germany studying computer science. Apart from that I’ve been a passionate blogger for about 2.5 years mainly focusing on fashion, but also on travel, nature and veggie food. Although I never pursued a career in fashion I’ve always been told that my style was very different so I decided to share it with the world.

2) Were you able to participate in any interesting events so far this year?
Nothing huge, really. I always enjoy visiting local festivals, especially historic and cultural ones so I’ve been to a couple of those as well as a couple small music festivals in the area. Unfortunately I live in a bit of a fashion desert at the moment so it’s hard to find any interesting fashion-related events without going at least to Berlin, Munich or London. Coachella caught my eye recently and I have to admit I looked at ticket prices and accomodation but I can’t tell if or when this is going to happen for me.

liza 2
3) What are your main influences for your personal style?
I generally love to go through the world with my eyes open to draw inspiration from all kinds of different sources. One of my main influences of course are fashion websites like lookbook.nu and fashion blogs. I can go through fellow bloggers’ outfit posts for hours. But I also draw inspiration from people I see in the streets, from history, books, movies and nature. Generally I feel drawn to everything black and rock ‘n roll and to everything fairy, witchy and gypsy.
4) What is fashion to you?
Most people interested in fashion would probably answer that fashion is their way to express their personality. I agree – just like applying colour to a canvas is an art that allows us to express something styling certain items in a certain way is an art that tells the world out there a story about us. But for me there’s even more to fashion than that. What I find most interesting about fashion is that it shows us how much people judge each other based on what they see. You can give other people a certain impression of yourself just by wearing certain clothes in a certain way. It will forever be fascinating to me that I can influence another individual’s thoughts with the textiles I choose to wrap around my body. Isn’t that crazy if you think about it? To me fashion is the most fun when I can play with other people’s expectations, when I can see in their eyes that they’re simply not quite sure how to pigeonhole me. I love to see their faces derail when they expect a superficial fashion Barbie just to find out I’m actually a psychologist. To me fashion is everything but superficial.
5) What trends are you currently favouring?
I absolutely loved the festival and boho trend going on this summer with all its dreamy feathers and tassels and kimonos. I was downright euphoric when I realized the summer boho trend will blend seamlessly into autumn’s 70s trend with heaps of fringes, paisley print and flare pants. Autumn hasn’t even really begun yet but I’m already sold on this trend.
6) What are your favourite places to shop at?
love to shop online as it’s less tiring than walking around town all day and there are more products to choose from. Then again, I absolutely enjoy taking an entire day to browse all the stores in a big city, especially the ones that don’t exist where I live like Forever21, monki, Bershka, Topshop… . I generally prefer affordable fashion as I absolutely don’t care about brands or designers. What I love the most though are small vintage stores. They’re always full of surprises as you can never know what you’ll end up trying on or buying. I can easily spend hours in there!
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7) What do you recommend to those wanting to pursue a hobby or/and job in blogging?
First and foremost: patience. Creating a blog and gaining followers is nothing that’s gonna happen overnight. You should be sure that blogging is what you wanna do and you should be aware that it will take a lot of work and practice. Don’t give up, even if it gets stressful from time to time (shooting outfits outdoors at -20°C / -4°F is quite un-fun for example…). But apart from that – just go ahead and do your thing. Don’t let anyone tell you what your blog should or shouldn’t look like – a blog is a great way to create something that’s entirely you. And the work will totally pay off when you see that you can be an inspiration to other people – no matter if there are 50 or 50000 of them.

8) What destinations do you recommend as fashion hot spots?


As my favourite I would definitely name London. I try to go there at least once or twice a year to catch up with the latest trends and styles that will reach my hometown about 2 years later. London has it all – the huge stores on Oxford Street, the myriad of tiny stalls at Camden’s stable market, the vintage shops of my dreams on Brick Lane … for fashion lovers there is no way around London! Also, people there are so open-minded towards unique and creative styles and often compliment others on their style while people would just be staring suspiciously elsewhere.
Also – a bit of an unusual choice probably – Wellington! The capital of New Zealand is a relatively small town but I was overwhelmed by the diversity of styles there. It didn’t even seem possible to look “different” there just because everyone simply did their thing and looked the way they looked and everyone seemed to be perfectly fine with it. Strolling through the streets of Wellington is truly inspiring and living there has deeply influenced my style.
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9) What are some fun facts about yourself?

-My sister and I are often asked whether we’re identical or non-identical twins. We aren’t even twins.
-When I was little I had a white pet rabbit named after Queen Beryl from Sailor Moon.
-My fav pizza is (tofu-)hotdog pizza. With pickles and ketchup and roasted onions. Never came across anything else that sounded so disgusting but tasted to awesome!
-I’ve been playing a farm girl in a historic costume at our local town festival every year since 1991.
-My mum calls me “Banana Monster” because whenever I visit my parents I will sneak into the kitchen at night and eat bananas.

 10) What do you want the readers to take away from your blog?

 I would like to encourage my followers to do what they like, wear whatever they like and be whoever they want to be. Going your own way can seem intimidating at first with all those stereotypes and expectations we’re faced with every day. But there’s no need to always blend in. Everyone has their own style and their own way of doing things, their own way of living their lives. Not everyone has to agree with everything you do but that’s perfectly fine. People are diverse and that’s something we should appreciate. If something feels right for you – go for it! You only have one life and it’s entirely yours, so make the most of it and start right now!

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