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Vladim D. Vilain does it again with his new “We Gon’ Be Alright” series. Inspired by Kendrick Lamar’s important message of empowerment within the young black community, expressed through his music, Vladim wants to take an uplifting stance with this series using the terminology of the inspiring song.

As we all know, Vladim has a very distinct style in his photos. They are often dark in terms of colours , the sentiment that transpires through the images and the visceral meaning behind them. However, this time, Vladim plays with a bright orange backdrop and its beautiful effect on melanated skin. He also mentions to us how this color reminded him of prison uniforms; hence, he ironically rather use it for its brightness and evoke positivity instead.

Vladim told us how easy-going the process of shooting was. Studio space was inessential, he simply invited his gorgeous friends at his place and had a good time with the models as he played the music they desired , permitting them to be themselves in front of the lens. With the help of Jade Oliver on the set, the shoot sessions had a light , fun but productive atmosphere. When it comes to the editing process, Vlad kept it minimal once again; the models are naturally impeccable.

Enjoy the full series after the drop and for more of Vladim D. Vilain’s work check out his  Flickr and  Instagram  pages.


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Credit photo: Vladim

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