Day-today #2 | Lisa-Marie L. from LMLAXO

Lisa- Marie Larocque-Aleman is a Montreal-based blogger with a quite tasteful sense of visuals. She gracefully embodies what she loves despite restraints and challenges. Whether it be architectural ,fashion shoots or even portraits, her neat style transpires through all her works under LMLAXO.
We had the pleasure of sharing words with Lisa-Marie. Get to know our bubbly and humbled local talent after the jump.
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– How did your artistic/blogging journey begin? What sparked the beginning of LMLAXO?
The name lmlaxo has been around for a couple of years, but the photos were very different, I used to live in Saint-Sauveur and Blainville and my artistic side wasn’t much developed. I saw a lot of change within me when I moved to Montreal because I was seeing and learning a lot of new things. The Museum of Fine Arts is where the artistic inspiration for my Instagram page came about, and for my creative side would be the making of one of my first painting inspired by Basquiat called “Cassius Clay”. Lmlaxo is my full name (Lisa-Marie Larocque-Aleman) + XO because at that time I really liked the Weeknd (and I still love him.) Also, most of the time I finish a letter or text with “xo” at the end. I just kept it and thought it looked better than just Lisa, for exemple.

 – What is the relationship between your blog and the city of Montreal? How important is this city to your vision?

This city is actually a challenge for my vision, people from Montreal know the struggle of finding a simple white wall to take pictures on *laughs*. It’s even harder to find the exact material that we’re searching for. For example, comparing to Miami where 80% of the buildings are white. It just pushes me to explore more to find those dope places. My relationship with Montreal is like a map with treasure chests in it and I’m the explorer. I always try to make Montreal look different from what it appears physically. However, I might not stay here my whole life since Montreal is not giving me everything I need to make my work the way I really want it to be. I went to a lot of places , explored a lot of corners and I’m just scared that I’m actually done finding treasures in this city,I know that some are hidden in buildings but it’s impossible to go in and take pictures without getting cut…. 

 – How difficult is it to juggle academia and personal obligations with your blogging activities? What inspires you to keep pushing everyday?

To be honest, it’s pretty hard because my priority goes to my photography, my personal projects, etc so I’m kinda last minute for my school works right now, but i’m working on it. Sometimes I just tell myself; “Okay, so half day personal stuff and the other half is for school.” Sometimes it works, other times I just get into an idea and never stop. As an artist, I know how hard it is to just stop working on an idea simultaneously , we are afraid to lose this idea, so we don’t stop until the draft is visible so that we can restart on it at anytime. Concerning my inspiration to keep pushing everyday would probably be my followers , they are great and they show love all the time so I’m happy to give something back by sharing with them all the things I love most. I see my feed like a magical world that I am free to try any job in the world and never get judged, it’s just love and it helps me to learn more about myself and try new things.
Photo 2015-10-05, 4 15 54 PM Photo 2015-10-05, 3 59 25 PM

 – Whether it be portraits or architectural and fashion shots, which approach do you take when creating visuals? Slightly bring us along your thinking process.

It’s a combination of everything , I just ask myself “how can I turn this into art” , I see everything as a canvas and I’m trying to turn it into a masterpiece. I’m not on that level yet though, but hopefully, I’ll get there with time and practice. When creating a visual I just imagine something in my mind and start doing it; it doesn’t matter for now how it looks because the idea is there, I just let myself go and I tell myself Ill try it out and if I don’t like it ill just start over, no big deal. So anything that crosses my mind, I can  make it live on a canvas or on a computer blank screen. My biggest inspiration for my paintings is the human body, I think it’s a living piece of art that we all possess and it’s all very different. Love to paint it.

 – Being a woman, in this industry, do you face any peculiar challenges? How do you overcome them?

I don’t think I face any challenge being a women in this industry, well, at least not yet, I do think though that my age would be more of a challenge, some people might not take me seriously because I look so young and talk business, you know. So, I try to be prepared and prove my interest for a project or a collaboration etc…by being serious about it. 

Photo 2015-10-05, 3 52 03 PMPhoto 2015-10-05, 3 54 36 PM

– Your style being based on visual minimalism, how does your work add to it? Which elements of your style reflect it best?
I am not really a minimalist person, my goal is not to have the less thing in a picture possible, I just think that the whole feed aesthetic looks a lot better when it’s simple and all working together, it just turns out that I love white(marble) and grey(concrete) and minimalist people uses those colors too. I use to have this feed with too much information on the photos so it just looked like a mess. I don’t see my pictures all separated I believe that all together, they make one, that’s why I try to use the same tones and repeating colors etc. I just take pictures of what looks beautiful to me and share it, sometimes when the picture is not very simple and it doesn’t work with my feed, I still share them on my website, so the feed stays “clean”.

 – What is the main message you wish to convey with your work?

The main message that I wish to convey with my work would be that anything is a piece of art depending on how you see it. I also try to mix art, hip hop , fashion and architecture all together so It shows that any culture can be mixed and it still does something amazing. 
Pictures by Lunatiqsoul

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