How to style it | Long coat

As the weather is cooling down,we are pretty sure we all starting to have those nightmares about how hard this winter will be. For those who haven’t found their go to coat yet, i think it’s time to looking for one. Here a little inspiration for you guys.

If you a mydaytodayinspiration  fan, and follow us on Facebook, we are pretty sure that you have noticed, our love for oversized coat by now.  Despite the fact that they can be very comfortable, we also feel like  a long  coat , itself, remains a fashion statement.  No matter what style you decide to embrace, a well fitted long coat will always be a good complement, and will add  you that stylish touch we are constantly looking for.

From runway shows, streetstyle shots, and editorial, we’ve selected couple outfits which portrayed pretty well how versatile these pieces are. Enjoy our selection after the jump and make sure to follow our Facebook page for more outfits inspiration.

the row fall 2014


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