Men’s Style Inspiration|Fear Of God Fourth Collection Lookbook

Los Angeles based brand finally dropped its long-awaited fourth Collection.Having great success with celebrities like Kanye West or Justin Bieber, the label always keep its minimalist signature for its latest collection.Jerry Lorenzo , the brand’s designer draws his inspiration especially from the 90’s vibes and he doesn’t consider Fear Of God as a streetwear brand or even a fashion label; to him it’s a ”God brand”.The fourth collection features acid-washed  top denim, ripped-up jeans and a special juxtaposition for the tops which are all oversized.Nylon bombers, flannel shirts , overcoats and wool hoodies are included in that collection.There is also a footwear release which is a hybrid between a sneaker and a military boot

.The fourth Collection is set to drop November 11th  and footwear release in 2016.For now you can take a look at  our best looks & fits from the collection after the drop.


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