Mydaytodayinspiration X Alain Assedo Campaign

We’re pretty sure that our love for streetstyle photography is no secret, that’s why we we’re very excited when the local vintage frames store, Alain Assedo opticien, contacted us to shoot their monthly street style instagram campaign.

The campaign mainly consists of taking shots of various local style influencers in their Alain Assedo glasses getting their advice, opinions and tastes about their style of frame.

Located in Montreal Westmount area , Alain Assedo is a purveyor of the finest eyewear. They will refine and define your image with the most exclusive frames and their mission is to make you look and see your best.

This month shoot featured influencers such as Alain Assedo himself, the Montreal photographers Chloé Leroux  and Monique Weston, the lifestyle blogger Samantha Cutler, and style influencers such as Olivier Door, Jacques Kouame, The Trollsentwins, and much more.

The shoot took place in the old port area,  not far from Tommy coffee. We used their as our meeting point (very cool spot and thank you for having us).

It was inspiring to connect with all the individuals, share some ideas, advices and know a little bit more about their day-today lifestyle.

Take a look at this month campaign after the jump, and make sure to follow Alain Assedo Opticien on instagram to know what all these influencers have to say about their frame’s game.

IMG_7640 IMG_7793 IMG_7387

IMG_7450_1 IMG_7404
IMG_7342 IMG_7473

IMG_7508 IMG_7559


Photo credit : Christian


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