Blogger Inspiration| Jacqueline of Mikuta

1) Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I´m a happy Swedish girl who is highly addicted to lip balm and 80’s love songs! When I was 9 I moved to Mallorca with my family but with 15 years I moved to Stockholm alone to study and later to Barcelona. Now I am based in Berlin since 3 years. Since I was 15 I started with photography and graphic design, so beautiful and eye-catching images has always been my passion. A little later I studied advertising and art direction and at the same time working as a stylist and make up artist, after that I started doing fashion photography and now I’m blogging on  ( instagram profile )with my boyfriend where I can combine all my favourite fields
2) Have you always had a passion for traveling? 
Yes, I love travelling. Ever since I was a child I always travelled around the world with my family, every year we went to the other side of the globe to explore and enjoy new cultures. Lately I’ve mostly travelled around Europe, because I haven’t had time to go further but we are planning a big trip very soon.
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3) What 3 words come to mind when thinking of your personal style?
Rock’n’roll and casual mixed with sophistication.

4) What is fashion to you?

Its an individual statement of self-expression where you can transmit to strangers your taste, personality and even sometimes your mood. For me fashion brings me happiness, creativity and keeps me open-minded. 
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5) It seems that you dabble in a couple of fields. How do you juggle and/or implement it into your creative works?

Yes, I’m into a couple of fields, but I think it is important to be wide and have different stuff going on, then there are more options in the future and you have a bigger picture of whats going on which will hopefully bring you further in any business.
6) What are your favourite places to shop at?
My favourite online stores to shop at are Asos and Edited, they always have fun pieces catching my eyes. I mostly shop online nowadays but when I don’t I like to go to Zara, love their stuff!

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7) What do you recommend to those wanting to pursue a hobby or/and job in blogging?

I think photography is the most important thing in blogging, so invest in a camera and a good lens and learn how to use it. Have a clean design on your blog and always quality over quantity. Do it with passion and patience, there are some times when I still doubt my blog and just want to stop, but it takes time and it is really hard because there are so many others out there but just continue and don’t give up. Also always be yourself.
8) What destinations do you recommend as fashion hot spots?
New York, London and Paris. And of course I have to say Berlin since I live here, it is becoming more and more fashionable. More arty but very inspiring!
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9) We’re all human and surely you have had your fair share of challenges. How do you and your blog partner overcome obstacles?

Obstacles are challenges to us – as you said – and are always welcome!
Challenges make us think outside the box and approach things differently. We both have lots of fun running the blog and I think whenever there are obstacles ahead, those are the situations we develop the most! Klemens is a very quick and versatile thinker and always comes up with different options and ideas to “make it work” the best way possible.
It is all about experience and the most experience you gain is when you actually experience…!
10) What do you want the readers to take away from your blog?

Our blog is as much photography as fashion, so as much as I want them to get inspired by our looks, I also want to inspire and maybe also teach with the photography. We have plans on expanding this field and give more specific help to the readers who are interested in our photography style.

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