Event Recap | Opening – Rad Hourani Neutralité / Neutrality

Last night we attended the opening of Rad Hourani new exhibition named Neutrality.  Rad Hourani is well known local artist who can be label as designer, photofrapher and much more. He mostly gained recognition throw his genderless clothing design approach. One of the most tremendous  and inspiring aspect we’ve discovered about  him was his no-background background, no formation, no school, no teachers, he started creating out of curiosity and innocence.

The expo is centered on the theme of neutrality. Rad Hourani boasts different perspectives approached through the media of painting, sculpture, photography, costume, sound and video. Though presented in five segments, the individual artworks comprise one monumental work of art that exposes the foundations of our social, religious, economic, sexual and geopolitical systems, proposing neutrality as a new universal vision. Rad sees modernity as an odyssey free of nations, gender, age, race, limits and conditioning.

The exhibition will run until January 17th, 2016 at Arsenal which is located at 2020 william street.

Here a picture recap of the event, which will give you perfect look of how stylish the attendance was.  we highly suggest you to pass by this expo, it was definitely great and inspiring experience.


IMG_8728 IMG_8709 IMG_8703 IMG_8701 IMG_8685 IMG_8650 IMG_8632 IMG_8593 IMG_8587 IMG_8579 IMG_8573 IMG_8551 IMG_8548 IMG_8531 IMG_8528 IMG_8480 IMG_8473 IMG_8468 IMG_8458 IMG_8446 IMG_8429 IMG_8426 IMG_8424 IMG_8418 IMG_8410 IMG_8406 IMG_8393

Pictures by Christian Atanga



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