Blogger Inspiration/ Day Ji of YO-ODD

1) Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.
Hello! My name is Day Ji and I’m from Seoul, South Korea. I’m very interested in Art & Design overall and I love drawing and listening music. I used to work at a fashion concept store as a Buyer, but I’ve always wanted to do my own thing so I made a decision to quit my job and travel, and I started my blog and online store after I came back. I’m a newbie blogger so come to YO-ODD( and say hello!
2) Which events would you like to go to this year?
I love going to music festivals and I will probably go to one at least this summer. Except that, I would like to travel more.
3) What are your main influnces for your personal style?
People with their own original styles! They always inspire me. Also, there are many things you can get inspired from. For example, I like watching people or objects on the street and get inspirations from the environment and daily life.
4) What draws you into fashion?
I used to be very weak when I was a kid and I liked staying indoors. I spent most of my time listening music and drawing/painting. It made me a very shy kid. Fashion was one of the ways to explore and express myself. I liked to play and experiment with clothes. Sometimes, I wore weird outfits and some people told me that I’m odd. But I didn’t mind being odd. I think that’s what drew me into fashion.
5) What are your go to pieces?
Boots, dark coloured outfits and my hairstyle.
I’ve dyed my hair to blue, green, pink, purple, silver and many different colours.
I like wearing black but I like keeping my hair with colours!
6) What are your favourite places to shop at?
I like to shop online as I can easily buy things worldwide. The stores that I like to shop at these days are &Other Stories, WEEKDAY and ASOS.
7) How does South Korean style differ from other places you’ve visited in the past?
Korean fashion changes really fast and Korean people are very sensitive to the latest trends in general.
As many people tend to follow the trend, it can be seen as lack of individuality.
However, you can experience the latest fashion very quick and easy.
8) What destinations do you recommend as fashion hot spots?
I really like London. There are not only many huge stores but also small boutiques and vintage stores or flea markets. You can find fun and very unique items from unexpected places. It’s a good place for fashion adventures! Also, I recommend Antwerp and Stockholm.
9) Any resolutions or habits you’d like to stop or/and start?
Work hard, Play hard. I would like to write more on my blog, travel and meet more people.
10) What do you want the readers to take away from your blog?
I started my blog to record and share my stories. I write about not only fashion and beauty but also about lifestyle and travel. You can get tips from my blog or ask me if there is anything you’d like to know about and you can also let me know good tips or give me suggestions. I’d like to communicate with readers on my blog. Let’s share good things together!

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