Photography inspiration | Portraits, In between by Simon Duhamel

We’ve came across this beautiful series shot  by the renowned Montreal photographer Simon Duhamel. The series,  which is entitled In Between, exploring the transition period between childhood and adolescence. Placed between the curtain and glass, the comfort of their home and the window to the outside world, the subjects of this study are facing a series of changes and we are witness to this introspective search for identity. Enjoy the series after the jump and head to Simon Duhamel’s website to get inspired by his work.



simon-duhamel-very-much-in-between-series-02-800x533 simon-duhamel-very-much-in-between-series-04-800x534 simon-duhamel-very-much-in-between-series-05-800x533 simon-duhamel-very-much-in-between-series-06-1-800x533 simon-duhamel-very-much-in-between-series-07-800x533 simon-duhamel-very-much-in-between-series-08-800x533 simon-duhamel-very-much-in-between-series-09-800x533

Styling Very Much
Makeup Léa Bégin
Retouching Pénélope St-Cyr Robitaille

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