Day-today #3 | Nastia Cloutier-Ignatiev

We got the chance to sit down and know more about the young and bubbly photographer Nastia Cloutier Ignatiev and chat about her works. The photography student manages to distinguish herself and define her own personalized style. When discussing her short, yet enriched photography journey she shares how she dabbled and went through divers phases before finding a comfortable space where she is able to encompass everything she’s passionate about (fashion & beauty). “I don’t think you can be a photographer with your own style without having tried everything”.

12190006_10205533726291722_4528073239297070377_nNastia shot by Mikozoski

As a photography student as well as being a product of contemporary times of constant visual information, always interacting with images leads her to subconsciously always be influenced. Not necessarily by a specific photographer or style but with the art form as a whole. Nastia expresses to us how it is important for her to continuously develop and improve her personal style and not simply recreate copies of another. Nonetheless, there are some Montreal photographers for whom there is admiration for such as; Bianca Desjardins, Oumayma, Jerry LePigeon, Dariane Sanchez and of course her boyfriend Michaël Jacques.


by Nastia Cloutier-Ignatiev-9



With her latest series “The Close-Ups Project”, she demonstrates the unique approach she has behind the camera. She presents to us interesting isolations and selective framing. With this series, Nastia also brings viewers to places where most cameras wouldn’t dare going. Her uniqueness definitely not only stood out to us but gained her a feature on C-Heads Magazine. Her postproduction ensures great definition and a tremendous emphasis on texture. There is certain softness to the way she edits her pictures as she plays with the hues of her model’s skin to the pinks of their lips. As well as, in contrast, a distinct sharpness with reds.

3407 - 20151218-Modifier
Camille Paradis @camparadis 2-8 Véronique @vevoushka makeup by Celica Sea @celimeow2


Her works undoubtedly contributes to conceptual photography. When beginning a creative process, depending on her daily vibe and encounters; she puts her thoughts into words and drawings. When the idea is settled, it is then that she goes on a quest to find the people and materials that are necessary to finalize the images. Sensuality is major theme within her series. There is a constant tribute to the female body and she manages to do it justice without a feeling of sole physicality. We are definitely impressed and inspired by Nastia’s projects and can’t wait to see more of what is to come. She reminds us to remain productive within our creative spheres in order to ensure deserved recognition. We highly invite you to visit her  website  and follow her journey via her  instagram account  to know about her







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