Journey #4 | Léonie

It’s been couple months now, that i haven’t  posted anything on this section, it almost seems like my journey was over. What a short journey hann. Me not posting anything on this section makes me think about my direction in my photography. I figured out that the more i exposed my work, the more people wanted me to get involve in different type of projects which was including taking pictures, like weddings, nightclubs, corporate events, commercial photography,… anything.

It’s good money, but at the end of the day it’s not really worth it. I  end up waisting my time  more than anything else. Because i was looking for my style, because i was running behind money, I’ve ended up being involved in those projects, even if it was not what i loved to photograph. It’s not true that because you own a camera and you understand how it works, that you will be able to be good at taking pictures of everything, you have to find your niche. That’s the main reason why i’ve stopped working on this section.

But i can not deny the fact that all these experiences make me develop more skills and understand more about photoshop, and cameras. I’ve actually ended up making things that i’ve never thought about  when i’ve started. For these reasons, i wouldn’t say i regret it, but it’s time for me to focus on things that i really love to photograph and work on that.

That made me think about what i love to capture, which is beautiful faces ( according to my definition of beauty), sensuality, body expressions (people who understand their body proportions enough  to end up showcasing  their outfits without even knowing), introspective people.

That made me also think about what inspired me, which is lifestyle, music, day-to-day activities, things that people are doing without even thinking anymore, like eat an apple, put their headphones in their ears… and much more. The coordination of their body, when they are doing those type of activities look so natural and so real. That is pretty much what i always looking for to capture.

It was a pleasure for me to shoot Léonie, we actually started this blog together, back when it was a personal style blog, she was the one taking picture of me. And since i’ve started to be behind the camera, i think it’s the first time that we actually work together, it was fun to see how the table has turned. Since she has cut her hair off for cancer donation purposes, she’s been changing colours a lot, and she wanted a photoshoot which will showcase that specific hairstyle. She came to mine, and we just make it happen. I was trying to capture the introspective side of  Léonie, make sure  her hair will pop, capture different emotions, and work on my skin retouch editing techniques, which is hard for me to mastered, but practice will make it perfect. Remember that christian, because that’s what this section is about, practice on your skills…

IMG_1303 IMG_1400 IMG_1433 IMG_1440

Phographer: christian 

Model: Léonie 

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