Photography inspiration | 5 local photographers instagram account we’ve discovered this month

William Arcand-Desgagné

We came across william’s instagram account after it has appeared on our explore grid. Beside all the great lighting techniques and the beautiful filters he creates, what we like about his photographs, is his ability to portray strong self-esteem moments through his work. Indeed, most of his models look like they are in their zone, comfortable with who they are, and with what they are doing. Please do not disturb them, because they are having a deep me-time.

Photo 2016-03-31, 1 24 30 PMPhoto 2016-03-31, 1 24 57 PMPhoto 2016-03-31, 1 25 19 PM



During our last interview with Nastia, we asked her about her favorite local photographers, and Oumayma was one of them. we like the sensuality approach and the coziness portrayed in her photographs. And no matter the age of the models she’s working with, she’s able to capture this carefreeness that human-beings are innately embracing.

Photo 2016-03-31, 4 20 34 PM
Photo 2016-03-31, 2 13 55 PM
Photo 2016-03-31, 2 10 43 PM



The first thing that astonished us when we saw Donat photographs, was definitely his skin editing techniques, which emphasize pretty well the sensuality approach of his photography. Beside that, we also like his ability to capture true fierce faces.
Photo 2016-03-31, 4 14 34 PM Photo 2016-03-31, 4 14 41 PM Photo 2016-03-31, 4 14 50 PM



It’s not true to say, that we’ve discovered spencer this month, we’ve been following his work since the beginning of the blog, so for our first instagram discovering post, It will be inappropriate for us to not mention him. Beside all his editing techniques and the way he directs his models to create motions, Spencer has this ability to make his pictures look like he’s having a chilling with his models, instead of an actual photoshoot. No matter the location he has used, the models look comfortable enough to be themselves. Sometimes you get so captured by the realistic vibes of his pictures that you tend to forget that the model is actually naked or half naked.
Photo 2016-03-31, 4 15 24 PM Photo 2016-03-31, 4 17 57 PM Photo 2016-03-31, 4 19 34 PM


Shayne Laverdiere


We love the fact that his pictures have always a lot to say about the person he photographs. It’s not just a regular portrait where the focus is on the model’s beauty, it’s more about showcasing a lifestyle. His photographs remained realistic, and have a strong story-telling approach that we like.
Photo 2016-03-31, 4 14 00 PM Photo 2016-03-31, 4 14 06 PM Photo 2016-03-31, 4 14 13 PM

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