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Alasdair Mclellan is a  british fashion photographer, born in England in 1974. He started his life as a photographer at the age of thirteen, when he received his first camera as a gift.  Before he blew up as  one of the most on demand photographer, He was mostly shooting his friends. It’s only after 10 years of experience  that Alasdair has started to shoot for magazines.

His approach has  remained the same as his first days, he has to like and be interested in the people and things he is taking pictures of.  His photographs are a beautiful mix of reality, experience, truth and fantasy.

Alongside his renowned work for I-D magazine, Alasdair work also appears in POP, Vogue, and much more. Get inspired by a selection of his photographs after the jump, and head to his personal website  ( instagram ) to know more about him 

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Source: BOF , Vice , Showstudio

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