Photography inspiration |Koto Bolofo

Koto Bolofo is a self taught photographer born in South Africa in 1959, but was raised in Great Britain. Bolofo has photographed for such prestigious magazines such as Vogue, Vanity fair, GQ and much more. His photographs reflect a time past, yet feel modern and intimate. His photography approach remains unique and organic.

” I personally work with no assistants, and do not photograph any subjects immediately; I visit them and grow as a friend.  If I miss a great moment, it will come again, I trust the patterns of a person. I approach objects the same way, I love the expression or word “still life”; It may be still, but it has life. The key in the end is that you have to LOVE people and understand them. My quest is to take the foundation of a person and find their joy.”

Get inspired by his work after the jump.

koto bolofoKoto BolofoKoto bolofo 44koto bolofo2Koto bolofo23Koto bolofo44Koto bolofo444
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