Women Style Inspiration | Nehera Fall 2016

The French fashion label Nehera has unveiled their Fall/Winter offerings during the latest Paris Fashion Week.  The label stays close to their roots with a combination of experimental shapes and timeless craftsmanship.  The creative director, Samuel Drira, referred to the pieces as ” wearable luggage”, and mention that the aim was to blur the silhouettes of a woman. Get inspired by our best looks after the jump and head to the brand’s website to know more about them.


14-nehera-fall-2016-ready-to-wear 16-nehera-fall-2016-ready-to-wear 17-nehera-fall-2016-ready-to-wear 18-nehera-fall-2016-ready-to-wear 20-nehera-fall-2016-ready-to-wear 21-nehera-fall-2016-ready-to-wear 22-nehera-fall-2016-ready-to-wear 28-nehera-fall-2016-ready-to-wear 29-nehera-fall-2016-ready-to-wear
05-nehera-fall-2016-ready-to-wear 09-nehera-fall-2016-ready-to-wear04-nehera-fall-2016-ready-to-wear06-nehera-fall-2016-ready-to-wear07-nehera-fall-2016-ready-to-wear33-nehera-fall-2016-ready-to-wear

Source: www.wwd.com


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