Day-today #4 | Alice-Anne from Robes de papier

In our contemporary times we are constantly bombarded with information, it isn’t surprising that it results to us feeling suffocated. With the will to create an unique experience where viewers can absorb in the present moment, Alice-Anne chats with us about her pieces Les Robes de Papier. Realizing the misappropriation that is often appropriated to words, she uses printed publication to enable this space of mindfulness.

Photocred Yvan Cimadure Mery (3)

Credit photo: Yvan Cimadure 

Les Robes de Papier is a multidisciplinary experience that links the visual arts, performance art and fashion. “All these areas are part of my personal construction and my affinities”

She goes through the challenge not only of forming beauty from newspaper but also forming an alternative sense of functionality for it. This line creates a new light on the subject and diverts consumers from its primary use. It also fosters emotion as it provokes thought bringing out a new perspective.

Photocred Yvan Cimadure Mery

Credit photo: Yvan Cimadure 

Alice-Anne AUGUSTIN , créatrice de robes de papier lors de performances éphémères. Ici accompagnée par les chorégraphes et danseurs Octavia MIRANDA et Sidney MASTY.

Credit photo: Aurelien Brusini

When interacting with these pieces, Alice-Anne draws inspiration from several fuels. Using the dress as a basis and image of femininity and matriarchal strength. She shares with us how it is important for her to rediscover beauty in simplicity, especially in our saturated urban reality. She also wishes to use this to build an experience that initiates unity. Les Robes de Papier is more importantly a space of vulnerability for Alice-Anne as an artist. The ability to throw herself whole-heartedly with the material and the pure creation is a sense of therapy and personal growth.

We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we did.

Photocred AliceAnneAugustin (1)


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