Men’s style inspiration | Ato Fall / Winter 2016

Japanese fashion label , Ato, highlights a selection of styles from its forthcoming 2016 Fall/Winter collection in a new lookbook. The collection pays homage to the musuc composition of the Estonian musician, Arvo Pärt, entitled Tabula Rasa . For this collection, the brand focused on an aesthetic that incorporates styling influenced by the 80’s and 90’s culture. Get inspired by our favorites looks after the jump, and head to the brand website to know more about them.

ato-FW16-Lookbook_fy11 ato-FW16-Lookbook_fy12 ato-FW16-Lookbook_fy13 ato-FW16-Lookbook_fy16 ato-FW16-Lookbook_fy19 ato-FW16-Lookbook_fy22 ato-FW16-Lookbook_fy2 ato-FW16-Lookbook_fy4 ato-FW16-Lookbook_fy5 ato-FW16-Lookbook_fy6 ato-FW16-Lookbook_fy7 ato-FW16-Lookbook_fy8 ato-FW16-Lookbook_fy14


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