Photography inspiration | Vintage beauty on postcards.

We’ve stumbled across these beautiful photographs printed on vintage cards, which are showcasing women’s beauty, from all around the world, captured 100 years ago. It’s always  inspiring to see what our ancestors were able to create with the least they had compare to us. These pictures was collected by user postman on flickr. Get inspired by our favorites photographs after the jump and head to this user flickr account for more.



thebeautyofwomencaptured100yearsago-2-900x1393 thebeautyofwomencaptured100yearsago-4-900x1465 thebeautyofwomencaptured100yearsago-5-900x1436 thebeautyofwomencaptured100yearsago-6-900x1412 thebeautyofwomencaptured100yearsago-7-900x1408 thebeautyofwomencaptured100yearsago-8-900x1401 thebeautyofwomencaptured100yearsago-9-900x1342 thebeautyofwomencaptured100yearsago-10-900x1321 thebeautyofwomencaptured100yearsago-11-900x1408


thebeautyofwomencaptured100yearsago-23-900x1338 (1)


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