Style inspiration | Blindness Fall 2016

The South korean fashion label Blindness has unveiled their fall 2016 during the latest seoul fashion week.the label  is mostly  known for their minimalism use of the artworks and their ability to developed fabrics in contemporary mood. the seoul-based fashion label latest offerings was mostly inspired by the british polish and british punk culture. Get inspired by our favorites looks of the collection after the jump, and head to their website to know more about this brand.

blindness-rtw-fall-winter-2016-07 blindness-rtw-fall-winter-2016-09 blindness-rtw-fall-winter-2016-19 blindness-rtw-fall-winter-2016-20 blindness-rtw-fall-winter-2016-26 blindness-rtw-fall-winter-2016-28 blindness-rtw-fall-winter-2016-30 blindness-rtw-fall-winter-2016-31 blindness-rtw-fall-winter-2016-32 blindness-rtw-fall-winter-2016-34blindness-rtw-fall-winter-2016-27blindness-rtw-fall-winter-2016-33 blindness-rtw-fall-winter-2016-21 blindness-rtw-fall-winter-2016-18 blindness-rtw-fall-winter-2016-14 blindness-rtw-fall-winter-2016-06


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