Day-today #5 | Gaëlle Leroyer

From fashion blogger to professional photographer-We had the pleasure of chatting with Gaelle Leroyer who shared the story of her evolution resulting to the distinct photographer she is today. Her charismatic soul reflects within her photographic style æ its natural candidness and rawness.


There was a certain excitement as she tells the story of her “Eureka!” moment. Flipping through the photography magazine “Reporters Sans Fontières” in a French airport and being amazed by the black & white, raw series with Kate Moss as the subject, shot by Peter Lindbergh. “I love telling this story as it is a huge event in my journey.” Within those split seconds of thought, it became crystal clear and it all made sense that she was meant to be a photographer. “Life is a build up to moments like these”, indeed, Leroyer was already fluid within the creative field leading to that realization.


Having studied marketing and fashion commercialization Gaelle started a street blog in Sherbrooke. Involving streetstyle “ a more tangible and relatable of demonstrating style”, and event coverage. This blog encouraged her to be involved in cultural spaces and productions as well as building a solid network within the field. The detail prone aspect of fashion and style helped expand her photographic eye. Willing to push herself and create challenges and fully indulge she makes the move to Montreal.


She then studied the technical bases of the art and constantly worked on sharpening her skill and style. As photography was always being the base of her works, Leroyer transitions from a fashion blogger to a professional photographer. Her blog now being focused on photography still permits her to share a full story whether it be of her travels or portraiture shots. Leroyer mentions some Montreal photographers that inspire her and that she enjoys exchanging thoughts with such as Alexi Hobbs, Bianca Desjardins, John Londono  Maxyme G Delisle and Jimmi Francoeur




Her photographic works stand out with her love of light and sun. Through her works, she is able to adapt to any type of natural light. She enjoys the challenge of creating a beautiful image regardless of the surroundings. There is a very intimate element to her style where she is able to capture raw beauty. Her images are very crisp and allow a lot of contrast as well as a softness that her femininity naturally catches. She creates a space where viewers are exposed to a sense of self within the subject in her portraiture.


Leaving us on an encouraging note for aspiring photographers or aspiring souls altogether. Gaelle reminds us that it is important to constantly practice and to fully commit. “If one is passionate and determined, why wouldn’t it work out?”

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