Men’s style inspiration | BOYPLAIN Spring/Summer 2016 Lookbook

Bangkok-based fashion label BOYPLAIN showcases its Summer 2016 range in a new lookbook, titled ‘ All you Need Is Remedy’.  Indeed, This collection is mostly inspired by a state of mind that classifies the world societies as being mentally ill and a consequently required to be medicated.  Enjoy our favorites looks after the collection and head to their website for more



boypl1 boypl2 BOYPLAIN-SS16-Lookbook_fy2 BOYPLAIN-SS16-Lookbook_fy5 BOYPLAIN-SS16-Lookbook_fy6 BOYPLAIN-SS16-Lookbook_fy7 BOYPLAIN-SS16-Lookbook_fy8 BOYPLAIN-SS16-Lookbook_fy9 BOYPLAIN-SS16-Lookbook_fy11 BOYPLAIN-SS16-Lookbook_fy12 BOYPLAIN-SS16-Lookbook_fy13 BOYPLAIN-SS16-Lookbook_fy14 BOYPLAIN-SS16-Lookbook_fy15 BOYPLAIN-SS16-Lookbook_fy16 BOYPLAIN-SS16-Lookbook_fy17 BOYPLAIN-SS16-Lookbook_fy18 BOYPLAIN-SS16-Lookbook_fy19 BOYPLAIN-SS16-Lookbook_fy20 BOYPLAIN-SS16-Lookbook_fy22 BOYPLAIN-SS16-Lookbook_fy24 BOYPLAIN-SS16-Lookbook_fy25 BOYPLAIN-SS16-Lookbook_fy26 BOYPLAIN-SS16-Lookbook_fy28 BOYPLAIN-SS16-Lookbook_fy31



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