Men’s style inspiration | Topman high Summer 16 Lookbook shot by Gosha Rubchinskiy

The British fast fashion imprint Topman has teamed up with the Russian favorite designer/ photographer  Gosha Rubchinskiy  for an editorial which showcased the brand’s latest spring/ summer  collection.  The new set of visual shot by Gosha and styled by Topman’s team,  shows the brand’s versatility and commitment to always remains trendy. Get inspired by this visual after the jump and head  to Topman’s website for more information about the release.

topman-high-summer-16-gosha-rubchinskiy-1-550x800 topman-high-summer-16-gosha-rubchinskiy-2-550x800 topman-high-summer-16-gosha-rubchinskiy-3-550x800 topman-high-summer-16-gosha-rubchinskiy-4-550x800 topman-high-summer-16-gosha-rubchinskiy-5-550x800 topman-high-summer-16-gosha-rubchinskiy-6-550x800 topman-high-summer-16-gosha-rubchinskiy-9-550x800 topman-high-summer-16-gosha-rubchinskiy-10-550x800 topman-high-summer-16-gosha-rubchinskiy-12-550x800 topman-high-summer-16-gosha-rubchinskiy-13-550x800


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