The Journey #7 | ” Life of the party ” Ep 2

Earlier this month, we linked up with the team “You Better Stretch “ to take part of their second Expo/Party event. For those who don’t know about this event, the team behind it aimed to give an opportunity to local artists, who perform in different art fields such as music, painting, visual arts, and much more, to showcase their work in front of an artsy party animal audience.

The event took place at the Mathari loft located on 1673Mont Royal street east, from 6pm to 3am. It commenced by an artistic expo which rounded off at around 10pm, and from then on to 3 am the event transforms into a wild festivity with good soulful music, wild ambiance, blissful people, and good vibes only.

During the last event, Mydaytodayinspiration set up a Photo-booth to capture what we’ve entitled “the Life of the Party”. For the first collaboration, the intention was to find a different way to capture how wild this party could get in an artistic manner. We’ve  experimented  with new photography techniques, linked up with models, photographers, and candid faces who didn’t shy away from the lenses, all in creating what seems to be a time capsule of one hell of a night, excuse my language!

The concept was to capture individuals are their most raw moments. Head to our facebook page for the full coverage

IMG_8394 IMG_8407 IMG_8418 IMG_8445 IMG_8535 IMG_8555 IMG_8704 IMG_8785 IMG_9111 IMG_9173 IMG_9253 IMG_9271 IMG_9327 IMG_9413 IMG_9513 IMG_9617 IMG_9642 IMG_9776IMG_8995 IMG_9072 IMG_9920

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