Men’s Style Inspiration | Ovadia and Sons SS17

The twin brothers Ariel and Shimon Ovadia debuted their S/S 2017 collection at New York Fashion Week: Men’s, last Tuesday. The collection is filled with touches of various influences such as punk culture, mixed with military and streetwear aesthetics. Get inspired by our favourites looks after the jump.


ovadia-and-sons-ss17-fy2 ovadia-and-sons-ss17-fy6 ovadia-and-sons-ss17-fy9 ovadia-and-sons-ss17-fy10 ovadia-and-sons-ss17-fy11 ovadia-and-sons-ss17-fy12 ovadia-and-sons-ss17-fy13 ovadia-and-sons-ss17-fy14 ovadia-and-sons-ss17-fy19 ovadia-and-sons-ss17-fy20 ovadia-and-sons-ss17-fy22 ovadia-and-sons-ss17-fy23 ovadia-and-sons-ss17-fy24 ovadia-and-sons-ss17-fy25 ovadia-and-sons-ss17-fy29 ovadia-and-sons-ss17-fy30 ovadia-and-sons-ss17-fy31 ovadia-and-sons-ss17-fy32 ovadia-and-sons-ss17-fy33 ovadia-and-sons-ss17-fy34 ovadia-and-sons-ss17-fy35



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