Men’s style inspiration | MUNSOO KWON S/S 2017

The Korean brand Munsoo Kwon has unveiled their Spring summer 2017 collection. Anticipating the return of the warmer days, the brand showcased a line which mostly consisted of loose-fit pants paired up with oversized shirts, rider jacket and oversized bomber jackets, just to name a few. The collection was inspired by the hippie culture of the city of san francisco. Get inspired by our favorites looks o after the jump and head over the brand’s website to know more about them.



munsoo-kwon-2017-spring-summer-collection-4 munsoo-kwon-2017-spring-summer-collection-5 munsoo-kwon-2017-spring-summer-collection-6 munsoo-kwon-2017-spring-summer-collection-7 munsoo-kwon-2017-spring-summer-collection-8 munsoo-kwon-2017-spring-summer-collection-9 munsoo-kwon-2017-spring-summer-collection-11 munsoo-kwon-2017-spring-summer-collection-15 munsoo-kwon-2017-spring-summer-collection-19 munsoo-kwon-2017-spring-summer-collection-20 munsoo-kwon-2017-spring-summer-collection-21 munsoo-kwon-2017-spring-summer-collection-22 munsoo-kwon-2017-spring-summer-collection-24



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